The individual knife for foam processing

The solution for:
Designers, upholsterers, interior decorators, prototypes, décors (Film & TV), . .

The FoamKnife is an electrically or pneumatically driven hand-cutting machine for precise processing of flexible foam, proofed horsehair, and similar materials. The high-quality processing enables an operation of low vibration and noise as well as a fatigue-proof working due to the comfortable handling. By means of the harmonised counter-rotating convex ground knives a perfect cutting surface pattern is achieved.

The guide support on the back enables the use of saw blades up to a length of 750 mm. FoamKnives are available in standard lengths of 70, 130, 200, 300, 450, 600 and 750 mm.

As an option, the knives allow to go into the foam up to a length of 300 mm. For this version, the guiding plate is not necessary. Furthermore, the radius knife is available as option so that highly exact radii can be achieved at the foam parts. Depending on the technical feasibility the radii are produced to your individual needs. These ideas have been developed in practice.

Probably new proposals can be added thanks to your specific application which we appreciate to implement.

FoamKnife table

-   for ZEIM foam cutting knife
-   for electric and pneumatic operation  -  fixing and starting in split seconds  . . .
    with the ZEIM quick change system, no problem!
-   Insertable with all ZEIM knife systems
-   Clean cuts, if straight or complex shapes
-   Cutting angle adjustable up to 45°


-   Foot switch, ball lock valve with quick coupling, ruler
-   Table size: B x T = approx. 60 x 70 cms
-   Working height adjustable from 68 up to 80 cms

Zeim FoamKnife Table