Hollow shaft spindle KM2

Overview of the advantages and design features

- A silent, exact operation is guaranteed thanks to the elimination of natural vibrations.

- The asynchronous motor is provided with a special low temperature winding so that melting is not possible in the hollow shaft.

- A quick dirt accumulation of bearings A and B is excluded by the special labyrinth seals.

- Low maintenance thanks to the permanent grease lubrication of the bearings.

- The KM2 is protected reliably against thermal overstress by the serial PTC temperature probe.

- Optimal suction results are guaranteed by a largely dimensioned hollow shaft.

- A 2nd hook wrench to fix the hollow shaft is not necessary, as it is held by a spring-loaded retention bolt.

- The drive unit is delivered with the hollow shaft “Classic” retaining device by default. Optionally, it is possible to provide it with the “QGS” hollow shaft retaining device.

- The KM2 is also delivered in special voltage and capacity!


Hollow shaft spindle KM2