• Milling, rasping, cutting, modelling, deflashing

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Thanks to many years of experience, constant innovation and good customer orientation you get customized, specially adapted products to your needs directly from the manufacturer. As we already work since long on international standards due to an effective quality management, renowned companies around the world rely on the excellent quality of ZEIMtec for many years.

Our engagement at home and especially abroad expanded steadily over the years, so that the share of exports in total sales accounts for about 90 percent. This is not at least the merit of our international agents who serve our customers in strategic positions.

Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials! After all, our customers expect excellent quality and first-class use-value. So we have for every application the right product and  the security for a smooth reliable working process, among others in the industries of foam material producers, upholstery manufacturers, matress production, automotive suppliers, packaging producers, household goods, technical industrial products  or of the insulation processors.

Processing  of rigid and flexible foam materials for the insulation industry, the furniture industry and model workshops. We offer customized solutions for separating, sawing, milling, cut to precise processing  among others of PUR FLEXIBLE (Polyurethane flexible foam), PE foam (Polyethylene foam) and rigd foam EPS (expanded  Polystyrol), XPS (extruded Polystyrol), PUR RIGID (Polyurethane rigid foam) as well as rubber, caoutchouc, Neopren and cork.