It is ZeimTec’s intention to provide high-quality products to its customers of the foamed material industry. Based on the experience of many decades in the manufacture of tools and machines, ZeimTec guarantees for a first class design and execution thanks to its trained experts.

Quality guidelines

ZeimTec’s focus is on quality.
We supply high-quality products to our customers and offer services that are demanding in quality.

1. The satisfaction of our customers is the key to success.
For this reason, we want to deliver the quality requested by the customer in due time and at fair market prices. The same applies also for our subcontractors.

2. The customer sets the benchmark for our quality
And we follow it. The adherence to it is our utmost target as it also determines the development of our company.

3. Zero error goal
Thanks to it, we achieve optimal costs and reach profitability for our company from which every employee benefits by the participation in the operating result.

4. Adherence to delivery dates
We adhere to the agreed dates. We handle enqueries, offers, sample requests, complaints immediately and with due diligence.

5. Responsibility of every employee
Every employee plays an important role in the overall concept and thus contributes to the achievement of the quality objectives. No matter which position the employee has in the company – if he identifies a quality risk, he avoids it in the limits of his authorities, and otherwise communicates it to his superior.

6. Avoidance of errors instead of elimination of errors
To avoid errors right from the beginning, we consistently take proved and tested measures to avoid and identify them.

7. Quality – a task of management
This task is implemented by the management of the company using target agreements with the employees. Thus, it becomes measurable and is decisively incorporated in the performance assessments of the individual.

8. Only with good subcontractors we provide performance
Our quality requirements also apply for our subcontractors. Since only if they deliver good quality, we are able to reach the customers’ targets.

9. We feel especially committed to environment and society
We are used to handle energy and raw materials with care and also committed beyond the interests of the company in this regard.

10. For us, our quality guidelines are binding
Every employee is obliged to adhere to the quality guidelines.