A hand-milling unit - shows new ways for the manual processing of Styropor. New-style milling heads realize a nearly dustfree surrounding field of activity:

Even on immersion of the rotating cutter the chip removal is effected simultaneously through the tool and the hand-milling unit directly into the connected vacuum cleaner.

An important assistant for any manual shaping on rigid foam elements such as Statues  -  Sculptures  -  Prototypes  -  Properties  -  Rosettes  -  Reliefs  etc.

In particular interesting for

•   Scene-Sculptors
•   All workshops in the fields of
    Theatre / Opera / Film and TV Productions
•  Décors / Fairs and Exhibitions
•  Sculptor Studios
•  Product Designers
•  Pattern Workshops / Development
•  All fields of creative design
•  Other power factors area vailable on demand 


Advantages and design features at a glance

-  Compact, light and precise handling due to light-weight driving devices

-  The direct extraction enables a healthy, clean working area

-  All tools are made universal for the driving pattern whereby a multi-functionality is achieved

-  By special toothing high surface quality and machining accuracy in a single operation

-  Special sizes and shapes according to customer's need



  StyroMiller E        

   StyroMiller PLC

Spindle drive   electric    pneumatic  
Spindle speed   2400 min -1    2600 min -1  
Drive power   0,2 kW    0,3 kW  
Voltage/Working pressure     220 V    6 bar  
Frequency/Air requirement 50 Hz    600 l/min  
Suction nozzle 34 mm    34 mm  
Approx. weight 1,5 kg    1,5 kg  
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