Typ SC 98

Hot Wire Desk Top Unit for cutting Polystyrol Rigid Foam (PS)

The desk top unit is qualified for cutting Polystyrol Rigid Foam (PS). The operative range consists of an aluminium sectional frame, the working table is plasticlaminated.

The working temperature can be adjusted infinitely variable by means of an adjusting knob. The heating wire, being directly electrical heated via a transformer, is about 600 °C hot within approx. 10 seconds. The heating transformer is located under the working plate. The clamp clip resp. the clamps which hold the heating wire are disconnected safely from the mains by means of a safety transformer according to VDE 0551. The tension at the clamps is approx. 12 volt.

TYP 98

Cutting element   diameter 0,8 mm   stretched over bracket
Cutting height   400 mm
Temperature   600°C adjustable
Sizes     600 x 500 mm
Power supply 230 V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Output 250 W



Parallel ruler, circle cutting device, cross cutting gauge, longitudinal ruler, hand-modelling pin

Typ SC 98